“Group Selection” Tools from SourceForge

The vote for February 2015 Group Selection SourceForge Project of the Month is now out there, and can run till Jan 15, 2014 12:00 UTC.

Clam AntiVirus

Clam AntiVirus is a GPL antivirus toolkit for UNIX. The primary objective of this software program is the integration with mail servers. It supplies a versatile and scalable multi-threaded daemon, a command line scanner and a virus database that’s stored up-to-date.

[ Download Clam AntiVirus ]


SMPlayer is a free media participant for Home windows and Linux with constructed-in codecs that may additionally play and obtain YouTube movies. One of the most fascinating options of SMPlayer is that it remembers the settings of all files you play. SMPlayer is a graphical user interface (GUI) for the award-profitable MPlayer, which is succesful of enjoying virtually all recognized video and audio codecs.

[ Download SMPlayer ]

TeXstudio – A LaTeX Editor

TeXstudio is a totally featured LaTeX editor. Our aim is to make writing LaTeX paperwork as straightforward and cozy as potential. Some of the excellent options of TeXstudio are an built-in PDF viewer with (virtually) phrase-degree synchronization, stay inline preview, superior syntax-highlighting, stay checking of references, citations, latex instructions, spelling and grammar.

[ Download TeXstudio – A LaTeX Editor ]


GnuCash is a private and small-enterprise finance supervisor with a verify-e-book like register GUI to enter and monitor financial institution accounts, shares, revenue, and bills. GnuCash is designed to be easy and straightforward to make use of however nonetheless based mostly on formal accounting rules.

[ Download GnuCash ]


Simutrans is a cross-platform simulation recreation the place gamers attempt to efficiently handle transportation techniques between locations by land, air, and water for passengers, mail, and items. Planes, ships, trains, trams, vans, buses, or monorails are at your disposal, however factories function based mostly on contracts and passengers can solely journey to their set locations.

[ Download simutrans ]


A set of Python extension modules that wrap the cross-platform GUI courses from wxWidgets.

[ Download wxPython ]

Roundcube Webmail

Roundcube Webmail is a browser-based mostly, multilingual IMAP shopper with an software-like user interface. Roundcube offers the full performance you’d anticipate from an e-mail shopper, together with MIME help, handle e-book, folder manipulation, message looking, and spell verify. Roundcube is written in PHP and JavaScript.

[ Download Roundcube Webmail ]


Megacubo is a broadcast tuner software written in PHP and Winbinder. Megacubo has a catalog of hyperlinks of TV streams, which can be found totally free on the net. At the second it solely runs on Home windows (XP or later). Megacubo permits you to watch tons of of stay TV channels in your pc with out antenna or TV playing cards.

[ Download Megacubo ]


This challenge is for Homebrew console improvement instruments which are based mostly on the gnu compiler assortment, with further instruments and libraries to assist programming every supported console. The home windows variants are constructed with MinGW.

[ Download devkitPro ]

A Lot of Important Tools

Listed here are the featured tasks for the week, which seem on the entrance web page of SourceForge.internet:

Cash Supervisor Ex

Cash Supervisor Ex is a simple-to-use, cash administration software. It’s a private finance supervisor. It may be used to trace your internet value, revenue vs bills, and so forth., and it runs on Home windows, Linux, and Mac OSX.

[ Download Money Manager Ex ]


PostInstallerF will install all the software program that Fedora doesn’t embrace by default, after operating Fedora for the first time. It’s straightforward for a brand new user. PostInstallerF incorporates the whole lot that you simply want in your every day computing.

[ Download PostInstallerF ]

winPenPack: Moveable Software program Assortment

winPenPack is a challenge that goals at accumulating the most steadily used and hottest open source purposes made moveable, in order that they are often executed on Home windows with out set up from any USB Flash Drive or Arduous Disk. The winPenPack suites supply a variety of moveable purposes like workplace instruments, web instruments, multimedia instruments, improvement instruments, safety purposes and different often used utilities. All the things you want, utterly free, open source and moveable!

[ Download winPenPack: Portable Software Collection ]


Simutrans is a cross-platform simulation recreation the place gamers attempt to efficiently handle transportation methods between locations by land, air, and water for passengers, mail, and items. Planes, ships, trains, trams, vans, buses, or monorails are at your disposal, however factories function based mostly on contracts and passengers can solely journey to their set locations.

[ Download simutrans ]


GnuCash is a private and small-enterprise finance supervisor with a verify-e-book like register GUI to enter and monitor financial institution accounts, shares, revenue, and bills. GnuCash is designed to be easy and straightforward to make use of however nonetheless based mostly on formal accounting rules.

[ Download GnuCash ]

Roundcube Webmail

Roundcube Webmail is a browser-based mostly, multilingual IMAP shopper with an software-like user interface. Roundcube supplies the full performance you’d anticipate from an e mail shopper, together with MIME help, handle e-book, folder manipulation, message looking, and spell verify. Roundcube is written in PHP and JavaScript.

[ Download Roundcube Webmail ]

gnuplot improvement

A well-known scientific plotting package deal, options embrace 2D and 3D plotting, an enormous quantity of output codecs, interactive enter or script-pushed choices, and a big set of scripted examples.

[ Download gnuplot development ]


MSYS2 is an up to date, trendy version of MSYS, each of that are Cygwin (POSIX compatibility layer) forks with the goal of higher interoperability with native Home windows software program. MSYS2 facilitates utilizing the bash shell, Autotools, revision management methods, and the like for constructing native Home windows purposes utilizing MinGW-w64 toolchains. We needed a package deal administration system to offer straightforward set up of packages, and ported Arch Linux’s Pacman.

[ Download MSYS2 ]


Megacubo is a broadcast tuner software written in PHP and Winbinder. Megacubo has a catalog of hyperlinks of TV streams, which can be found without spending a dime on the net. At the second it solely runs on Home windows (XP or later). Megacubo enables you to watch tons of of reside TV channels on your pc with out antenna or TV playing cards.

[ Download Megacubo ]

How to build a MATE 1.8 and Ubuntu 14.04 (Trusty Tahr) lightweight system

I started with a beta release of the Ubuntu 14.04 Server operating system using the mini (netboot) installation image located here. Starting from a light install I have to install 2 packages in order to use the add-apt-repository script:

After I installed the operating system, MATE 1.8 can be installed by running these commands in Terminal:

After the last command is executed click y to continue and then y again to confirm that you want to install unverified packages.

After the installation is completed, if the system is based on the server/mini version of Ubuntu a display manager is required. I usually use MDM (Mint Display Manager). Here’s how it can be installed – run this command in terminal:

If you are trying this guide in VirtualBox, the virtualbox-ose-guest-* packages have to be installed:

I also like the Clearlooks GTK theme so I installed clearlooks-phenix-theme package which provides the Clearlooks Phenix theme, a GTK3 port of the Clearlooks classic theme. Install it with this command:

Now restart the system and you should have a running Ubuntu Trusty Tahr with MATE 1.8.

If you don’t like the Computer, home and trash icons added by default on desktop, here’s how you can remove them. Install dconf-editor package with this command:

And then run the dconf-editor command in terminal.

Browse to org > mate > caja > desktop and uncheck the computer-icon-visible, home-icon-visible and trash-icon-visible options.

mate desktok 1.8 ubuntu

Probably a web browser is needed on the system. Firefox can be installed directly from the repository with this command:

LibreOffice works great if an office suite is required. It can be installed by running this command in terminal:

After LibreOffice you might want to install the MS core font packack:

Want a video player? VLC works well under MATE 1.8. Install it with this command:

Transmission works great as torrent client. Install it with this command:

If you need a photo manipulation app, GIMP can be used. Install it with this command:

Missing the volume applet in the upper panel? Install it with this command (thanks Matt for the tip):

Compile and install Asterisk on Ubuntu Server

I had to work a lot with Asterisk PBX into the last months and the first issue that I had was the Ubuntu’s asterisk packages, which I could not use (some are saying that the packages have some problems). So, my options was to use a built-in distribution (most cases CentOS and Asterisk) or to compile my own Asterisk on Ubuntu. In this article we will compile asterisk from sources.

Step no. 1 – System and depencencies

In this tutorial I will use a clean install of an Ubuntu Server 11.04. The process is the same on the most Ubuntu distributions, so version does not really matter.

The most important package is build-essential, this contains an informational list of packages which are considered essential for building Debian packages.

Also, you need to install other 2 packages: ncurses-dev and zlib-bin.

Step no. 2 – Download and uncompress Asterisk

Asterisk can be downloaded from the Asterisk website, Downloads page. I usually work with Asterisk 1.4 and this one we will install. Download the latest release of 1.4, in our case 1.4.41. The archive can be downloaded into /usr/src/ folder, where we will uncompress and compile the sources. Go into /usr/src/ folder using cd /usr/src command, and the using wget as root, download the Asterisk archive.

Now, uncompress the archived file:

And now go into the Asterisk’s folder, cd asterisk-1.4.41/

Step no. 3 – Compilation

Enter into the console the following commands (logged as root, this can be achieved using the following command: sudo su):

Now, if ./configure command finished successfully you can continue to the actual compilation with the following command:

If the compilation went ok, it’s time to install asterisk compiled binaries into our system, with this command:

Now, we can generate the /etc/init.d scripts and boot startup for the Asterisk service with the following command:

And, the last step it’s to create the sample configuration files, very helpfull if you want to make a quick configuration for the system.

That’s all! Now you should have a working Asterisk installed into your Ubuntu Server. Just reboot the system and try to open to Asterisk CLI to see if it’s working. The command to start Asterisk CLI is (as root) asterisk -r.

Truth about Pay-To-Click/BUX websites

In this guide, I go over what PTC/BUX’s are and my experience with PTC/BUX websites

What is PTC & Bux?

Pay To Click, also known as PTC or BUX are sites that pay you to view advertisements. It’s also a cheap source of traffic, this can be useful to increase page view totals of AdSense clicks. There are many different sites, with different promotions like mini-game, specific request, etc. Most commonly, upgrades, pro accounts, and premium accounts usually limiting earnings. Each site will usually offer so many ads once every 24hrs, earning net anywhere from $0.02~$2.00/day. Main way to earn more than the daily cap on available ads clicks is referrals, referrals, and referrals.

  • Aspects that affect income:
  • Number of available ads
  • Percentage earned from referrals
  • Number of referrals
  • Activity status of  referrals
  • Overall Review

Other than PaidToClick, which I can made $0.30~1.30/day just on adds but has the highest cost for premium account, ads, and rented referrals. Other site’s I only made about $0.02~$0.08/day but have much lower cost for premium account, ads, and rented referrals. Overall net from all sites you can make $0.50~$5.00/day just from viewing ads, contest, and other free features. The key to these sites seem to be rented & direct referrals, which I haven’t much experience yet. Many blogs claim to make $50~100/day just from renting referrals. Earnings can either be cashed out, used to rent referrals, or rent ad space. Out the gate you won’t be making a lot and will have to wait until all your accounts reach the cash out minimum but you can make money online viewing ads. At minimum a free meal or cup of coffee one a day. week, or month.

P.S. A couple a dollars a week doesn’t sound much for adults but is a great source of income for your kids. Make them work for their next app purchase, video game, etc.

Pay to Click

PTC Sites

Although sites payout vary, by far the consistently best paying site I have found is:

The rest are generally about the same, some have better security to ensure you’re viewing a page and not just opening and waiting for timer. Here some others to check out:

Use AdSense? Here’s how to use your PTC earning to make more.

If you already have an active website running adsense than PTC advertising could help you earn more. AdSense Payout depends on two aspects: Traffic & Clicks. Purchase page view with your earning for your website, your adsense clicks will  gain more value due to more traffic. This is a good way to make more money with your money from PTC.

How we can find a Free of cost Fax Multitude

Fax machines will be the electronic devices the spot that the document will be sent spanning a telephone line in fact it is a effective machine for that enterprises, providers and governing organizations. It’s possible you have business dealings around the world and when you wish to dispatch them virtually any documents, fax machines are definitely the best form to dispatch and have documents. Modern devices and online world facility came, but it’s not at all a safe and sound one given that encryption and even hacking is realistic and we have a chance exactly where your strategies documents could be encrypted by some other individual. Even nonetheless many unique inventions be present, fax is definitely the only piece of equipment where the papered products are sent without the need for interception and even hacking.

Seeing that said previously, faxes really are sent spanning a telephone line and you ought to have quite a few fax figures for home business transactions and even dealings. That which is fax telephone number? A fax number can be described as seven number number of which looks similarly being a telephone telephone number. How for any free fax telephone number? Many companies include the facility of offering you a fax telephone number and get rid of your work additionally they provide everyone toll-free fax telephone number with many choices. They supply you 800 numbers and this can be used for a local locale code on your regional appeal. Have quite a few fancy numbers which are usually easy recall and win over your dealers and unfortunately your transaction companies by giving  free fax ese numbers directly to them.

Looking regarding fax software download free? Then this specific free guide will almost certainly help you learn how to download the perfect online fax system to dispatch and have faxes easily in your computer by email.

Requires have now seen, there are plenty of various via the internet fax packages available options to select from. Each of these offer features and consist of different deals.

We have a better strategy than by using a fax piece of equipment to dispatch important docs –  when using the internet. The process is a snap; just employ e-mail to make sure you send and even receive faxes. Have you ever been scared about finding a fax, knowing it’ll sit inside plain view of everybody in your workplace until you decide on it upward, eFax is definitely the answer.

In advance of eFax, in case you expected the confidential fax, it was subsequently necessary to make sure you ask the particular sender to make sure you call previous to sending the particular document, and that means you could be around the fax piece of equipment, ready for it for me personally. You is now able to send and even receive these documents and even messages directly in your e-mail. But not only is using this method private, protect, fast and even easy, however is unnecessary to remain and maintain another fax machine having an extra phone number line. You will put away paper and even ink just by printing solely the documents that a pieces of paper copy will be needed. That may be true  fax via internet  either transmitting or experiencing faxes. Up to now, if you had been sending the fax, it needed to be printed 1st, in order undertake a hard copy to include through the particular fax piece of equipment. With eFax, the job is rather easy and inexpensive.


So you desire to engage inside online igaming but am not aware of the very first thing about the item? The major reason a considerable amount of punters really are hesitant to address betting models online can be due to security and even privacy matters. It can be described as sad nevertheless real incontrovertible fact that fraudulent providers proliferate with the web. Accordingly, safety about personal data files and money is for the utmost importance for all those engaged inside gambling. A lesser but nevertheless significant base why families shy from online wagering is because of the fact that a considerable amount of websites really are difficult make use of and utilizing features that will be of minimal help. If you’re looking for an via the internet bookmaker that may be of fantastic reputation, utilizing solid testimonials, offers 24/7 help, and will be able provide stability of individual data, then Paddy Power is definitely the bookmaker for yourself.

Paddy Power is definitely the largest bookmaker inside Ireland, in addition to most good. Established inside 1988 by merger about three Irish important street bookies, it begun as the land-based operations offering several betting real estate markets. It possesses since grown its outfit to provide about 200 place of work outlets located near your vicinity and Ireland in europe, a phone number betting firm, and it’s newest offering  free fax  online wagering site. To learn than over twenty years of working experience, Paddy Power has become the most honest bookmakers about its category.

Should you upgrade to each new release of Ubuntu?

A new version of Ubuntu is released every 6 months, and it’s very easy to upgrade. All you have to do is click a button or two in your update manager and there you have it. You’ve just gone from Ubuntu 8.04 to Ubuntu 8.10! Is this something that you should be doing?? You could upgrade every six months, or you could upgrade every 2 years. Which would you prefer?? I’ve chosen to upgrade every 2 years. Here’s why…

Stability and the length of support. I’ve chosen to stick with the Long Term Support releases. Every 2 years, an LTS version is released with 3 years of support. The current LTS version is 8.04, Hardy Heron. The standard releases, every 6 months, are supported for 18 months. I want the stability of sticking with my established version. Such reliable service from my machine is more important to me than using the latest release. The older, LTS version has had patches and/or fixes applied already, and it’ll give me few problems. However, if I were to upgrade to the newest version every 6 months, I’m bound to run into issues somewhere. I’d be sacrificing some stability. That’s the price you pay for living on the bleeding edge.

ubuntu upgrade

I will of course use 8.10, Intrepid Ibex. In fact, I’ve installed it on a VirtualBox virtual machine, so I can try it out while not affecting my 8.04.1 installation. I trust the fine folks who maintain Ubuntu to take care of me with patches & fixes, even when my 8.04 LTS gets to be long in the tooth, so I won’t be upgrading until version 10.04 LTS. Ubuntu’s site explains all of this here.

Another interesting bit of info that might affect your decision is found here.  Is Ubuntu getting slower with each new release??

So, what are your plans for upgrading?? Why are you?? Why aren’t you??

Mount a Samba smb shared folder Ubuntu SMB Server

One of the easiest and most common ways to connect, network, and share files and folders between Ubuntu and Windows computers is to configure a Samba File Server on the Ubuntu computer. This method of file sharing makes it easy for anyone to learn how to share files between computers using linux systems.

Samba may not be included with the Ubuntu package but can easily be downloaded from the software center or using the apt-get command. The Samba file server is configured initially to share files with any user on the network without requiring a password, however password required access can be configured.

For Ubuntu operating systems before 12.10 you have to use the “classic” syntax to identify the server and share to the client computer. You can not mount a folder within a share as though it is a share, you should mount the share and then access the folder within it. A symbolic link to the folder can be made if necessary. When you run smbmount,mount -t smbfs or similar remote mount commands as root (for example with sudo) you need to specify the username on the server (unless it’s actually root , which is unlikely and, if the server runs a Unix system, not recommended.

Mount a Samba (smb) Shared Folder on Local Network:

Step 1. Open the home folder and Browse Network.

Step 2. Find the computer or device sharing the folder.

Step 3. Double-click on the folder you would like to mount.

Mount Samba shared folder in Terminal:

So first, you’ll create a folder (mount point) for the share:

sudo mkdir /mnt/projectssudo mkdir/mnt/projects

(This is assuming you want to create it in /mnt. It’s become more common to create all globally accessible mount points that aren’t part of your Ubuntu system itself in /media instead of /mnt but it’s fine to use /mnt if you like.)

Then use a command like this to mount the share:

sudo smbmount // /mnt/projects -o user=USERNAME
sudo smbmount// /mnt/projects -o user=USERNAME

Replace USERNAME with the username on the Samba server that you need to log in as. You’ll be prompted for your password. You can specify your password on the command-line too (with -o password=PASSWORD) but it will appear in cleartext in the Terminal and will go into your command history, so you probably don’t want to do that.

You’ll notice that I’ve used smbmount but mount -t smbfs or mount -t cifs (or mount.cifs) should work just as well, if you prefer.

Now smb://’s contents are accessible in /mnt/projects. If you need to be able to access the contents of smb:// in/mnt/projects/myProject, you can create a symbolic link:

sudo ln -s /mnt/projects/myProject /mnt/myProject
sudo ln-s/mnt/projects/myProject/mnt/myProject

For readers of Ubuntu 12.10 and later:

You must use mount.cifs or mount -t cifs(smbmount and mount -t smbfs are no longer provided). These commands will work on earlier systems too.

Ubuntu SMB Server

Follow the instructions below to install Samba SMB Server:

  • Search Software Center for “samba.”
  • Click Install, Enter your administrative password, and wait for SMB Server to install.
  • Search for Samba (SMB Server) in dashboard.
  • Open Samba SMB Server and choose a folder to share by typing in the path or browsing.
  • Choose the Access tab at the top of the window and allow access to the shared folder on the SMB Server for everyone or only specified users.

Label making software that works

So, I buy these Avery return address labels, take them home and download the template from their website. The problem with those nice Avery label templates that you get from their site is that they’re designed to be used with MS Word. Using Ubuntu, I opened this template in Open Office, thinking it would work just fine. My labels ended up printing a little bit askew, and I only had about 40 usable labels out of 60. Recently I found the solution to my problem on getdeb.net, when I came across gLabels. It’s a very lightweight program designed to work with most major label sheets that can create labels and business cards. I tried it out with every different label that I use, and it works perfectly!

Here’s how to install it, open up a terminal and enter this command:

This will installl the 2 packages necessary for gLabels to function, glabels, and glabels-data. Now you can find gLabels Label Designer in the Office menu. This method works great if you have an internet connection. It’s a small download, so even over a dial up connection (like me) it won’t take too long. But what if you don’t have an internet connection at all? If you’re reading this you must have access to the internet at work, or a friend’s house. In that case, you can download gLabels here. Make sure to download both packages, glabels & glabels-data. Put them on a USB flash drive, and then from that onto your internet-less Ubuntu desktop at home. Copy them to your desktop, and then double-click on them to install them. Here’s what that looks like…

Save the file

glabel linux

Save both files to your USB flash drive, then copy them onto your desktop at home.

Double-click on each file and you’ll see this box. Click on Install Package to complete the installation. That’s it!

Here’s what you can expect…

  • Opening Screen
  • Choosing a label template
  • Designing your new label

Vizio rethinking PC strategy in weak market

Vizio’s two-yr run in the PC market has hit a wall, and its present laptops, desktops and tablets are shortly disappearing as the corporate re-evaluates its product combine.

“Given the continued weak gross sales in the PC class as an entire, Vizio is revisiting its product assortment strategy. Further updates might be obtainable at a later date,” stated Jim Noyd, a Vizio spokesman, in an e-mail.

All Vizio laptops, desktops and tablets have run out of the inventory on the corporate’s web site, and new PCs proven at CES in January haven’t but shipped. The final product standing was Vizio’s Pill, which had an eleven.6-inch, however that ran out of inventory final month.

After merchandise exit of inventory Vizio.com, “pages are stored lively for buyer help functions,” Noyd stated.

Refurbished Vizio laptop computer fashions from 2012 are being bought by on-line shops like Greatest Purchase. Main retail shops aren’t carrying new fashions both on-line or in shops, however just some models of latest fashions can be found from small retailers by way of Amazon’s on-line market.

Vizio, largely recognized for its TVs, entered the PC market in 2012, simply when demand for laptops and desktops began falling. On the time, Vizio stated it needed to ship “excessive-high quality and superbly designed” shopper PCs that have been “reasonably priced.”

It’s onerous to foretell Vizio’s destiny, however shopper PC makers have struggled during the last two years with the market contracting, stated Bob O’Donnell, principal analyst at Technalysis Analysis.

Vizio’s “timing was dangerous as they jumped in as a shopper model simply as a shopper market started to tank,” O’Donnell stated.

If Vizio decides to go away the PC enterprise in the method of re-analysis, it might once more be dangerous timing as the buyer market is displaying indicators of choosing up, O’Donnell stated.

Vizio by no means did properly in the PC enterprise, and was counting on wholesale companions like Costco to promote laptops. The skinny PC designs, notably laptops, acquired good evaluations, although the costs have been excessive.

Vizio’s status of creating low-value TVs clashed with the premium-worth laptop computer strategy, O’Donnell stated. If Vizio needs to stay in the PC market, it has to revisit its PC pricing and branding strategy.

Vizio PC

If Vizio decides to proceed making PCs, it ought to deliver its TV experience with 4K screens and different options, O’Donnell stated.

However Vizio will nonetheless have to face market leaders Lenovo, Hewlett-Packard and Dell, that are gaining PC market share by way of robust enterprise laptop computer shipments.

“I nonetheless assume that there are challenges for the extra shopper-targeted [companies],” O’Donnell stated.